Stories from my Past: Hooked on Cheese

Stories from my Past: Hooked on Cheese

If you grew up in the 80’s you probably ate lots of cheese. It was at school, at social events and you couldn’t get away from it. I admit it, I used to be hooked on cheese.

I realize now that many of us were influenced by the governments policy of supporting a minimum price for dairy farmers. This lead to a surplus of cheese. So it was practically given away to schools and the poor. At school I had everything that could possibly have cheese in it.

In time I learned that I was allergic to milk and stopped eating milk and cheese. When I stopped eating dairy I felt so much better and it improved my health. I am not a doctor nor telling you what you should do, just sharing what happened for me. I felt less lethargic and it was easier to think as well.

What is also amazing about cheese is that I had a doctor tell me that cheese breaks down into chemicals in your brain that make you feel good.

This means that growing up I was addicted to cheese/dairy! No wonder it was so hard for people to give diary up. The first few days after giving up dairy I no longer woke up with a bad taste in my mouth. I felt amazing and couldn’t believe that something that seemed so harmless had hurt me so much.

Why am I sharing this? Most of us are addicted to something and it takes time to learn what it is and how we can cope with life without it. I am not saying you are addicted to dairy, I don’t know you. I am saying that if we look in ourselves we find we may be addicted to things that don’t help us.

In my job in IT and personal life I see lots of things we do that don’t help us. I think that being aware of your weaknesses and working to improve is the most adult thing we can do.

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