Doing too much and not enough

Doing too much and not enough

It is easy to do the things that are easy and not enough of the things that are difficult.

For example I know that in the past I spent too much money on things that didn’t make me happy. I didn’t save enough for emergencies but in time I learned better. We think that things will always continue as they are, but when they don’t, we are often underprepared for that.

I am thinking back to 09 when the recession hit. I was laid off my job like many other IT people in the company and it was tough. I wasn’t rich but I didn’t have any emergency funds. It was tough quickly. I said to myself that won’t happen again. So rather than enjoy something like a new laptop, I saved knowing that I would never again be in that situation.

It doesn’t matter what your income is. Anything could happen in life. To me, knowing that I can be ok for awhile is a great relief. Knowing that I am not living at the edge of my income also makes me realize that I don’t need much stuff to be happy.

I will never be one of those people who don’t spend and try to retire early. What is the point? I wouldn’t enjoy not learning things and being useful. Besides I don’t know if I am going to have a future or not. I could die early. I save for the future, but it is not guaranteed to me. Nothing is guaranteed in life.

It is equally a mistake to just live for the present as it is to live for the future. A wise person prepares for all possibilities. I don’t know what others may do, but each day I try to enjoy something and also prepare for my future. It has worked out well for me.

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