Computers as tools for children

Computers as tools for children

As a child I grew up with an IBM clone 8088. It was slow, but I thought it was magic.

I kept it for many years because I didn’t have money to buy a newer one. The next computer I could afford was a 386. It was amazing what more things I could do.

So when I see kids who use Macbooks and wonderful laptops, I am so thrilled. They can do so much and be creative in ways that I couldn’t. Of course this needs to be balanced with playing in the real world, and that is a challenge when you use a computer.

Why do kids and computers work so well? Probably because as a tool the computer lets you do things that are otherwise costly. Few kids can afford to buy a typewriter for example, but the computer easily does that. A music studio, painting, design so easily done by computer.

When I used to work on the computer as a kid I could see and try different paths for my life to go. I liked that it could be a library and I studied the early forms of multimedia. Who remembers Encarta? I thought that was amazing, although now it seems worse than Wikipedia.

Tools like computers can help bridge the gap of education, skills and culture that people often display. It can be used to enrich a life, and to do good. I learned old quotes and literature as a child since those materials weren’t easily accessible to me. The local libraries were disappointing.

If you are curious a computer is an amazing teacher. If you seek to understand, the computer unlocks the doors of learning. It is not only a teacher but also a student. When the computer fails you learn the limits of what it can do.

Computers fail at growing social skills and emotional intelligence. For that interaction is still superior and probably will always be.

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