Getting along with coworkers prolongs your life

Getting along with coworkers prolongs your life

Did you know that a study supports that getting along with coworkers prolongs your life?

It makes sense. When we don’t get along with people we are stressed and not relaxed. For most people work is stressful enough without adding more stress on top of it. I have been fortunate to work in places where I got along with my coworkers.

Now this doesn’t mean that you must get along with everyone. There are always going to be people who don’t like you. I think that no matter what, the way people treat you says everything about them and nothing about you.

Let’s talk about this in more detail. I used to think that if someone didn’t like me, there was something I was doing wrong with them. With time I learned this was a mistake. People treat others disrespectfully for any number of reasons, and none of them are the persons fault or responsibility.

I have experienced being yelled at by both men and women, young and old. I am not complaining just sharing my experience. Even though I apologized the abuse still continued. At that point there is nothing more that I can do for them and I remove myself from the situation. I am not their therapist or whipping boy, and they need to take responsibility for their anger.

Anger at work is unhelpful and scary. I never get angry at work because it is not helpful. It only damages your relationship. As much as possible I try to joke and be easy going because this is not life or death we are doing, it is a job. I am not a surgeon with someones life on my hands. I am an IT person, and if I screw up then I could be fired but no one is hurt.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t take my job seriously. I take it very seriously. However respect is primary and everything else flows from that.

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