Treating people with respect

Treating people with respect

I often talk about how to treat people with respect. I see each day examples of disrespect and abuse and it is not necessary and it hurts everyone.

For example, I was watching a car show on Netflix and the boss was a jerk. He was not paying his employee as he should and not discussing things when he promised he would. No boss has to govern by consent, but without his workers he doesn’t have a business. I wouldn’t be surprised if people walk out on him. If you don’t keep your promises as a leader, what kind of example do you set?

The problem I see with respect and other people is that everyone is such a short-term thinker. They only want to finish this project or the next few months instead of considering the future. People complain about their life, but their choices resulted in this result.

For example people complain about the hostility of conversation online, but we as a society have chosen that. Each time we engage with people who are disrespectful and allow that disrespect to happen, we encourage further disrespect. In the US we think that violence is ok in the media and it is because we like it. I don’t like violence and I don’t like disrespect.

To me, I think disrespect of others comes down to ignorance. People want to think that they are better than others which just isn’t true. We are all more alike than different. Studies show that, and our own experience shows that. Sure some people have some crazy ideas, but that is more due to their unique experiences than real difference.

People like to think they are different and special. I don’t believe that. I think that people like Einstein or those great geniuses were different, but it doesn’t make them more special. Yeah Einstein was amazing intellectually, but his social skills needed some work.

I’d rather be known for being kind and respectful than being smart.

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