The Advantage being flexible in your career brings

The Advantage being flexible in your career brings

I want to share why being flexible in your career gives you many advantages.

First by being willing to try new things and not just do a narrow range of duties, you are worth more to a company. You can cross train and if someone is sick or leaves you can do the job until someone new comes onboard. This is a frequent occurrence in IT.

Second by being flexible with your requirements you can learn that there are tasks that you enjoy better. I for example have learned and experienced many things and know exactly where my strengths are.

For me and someone who is curious being flexible in what I do allows me to try out many different roles. It is really satisfying to be able to do different things and to feel confident that I can figure out everything that I might be asked to do.

In addition when you can do so many roles in my mind that gives you more job security. Unfortunately when the company does poorly mass layoffs happen, but then you can quickly find another job. I have been fortunate to always be gainfully employed. Being flexible is part of that reason.

I can hear the objections to this. You will say, well since you are not a master of anything you won’t get that kind of in depth knowledge and high salary. Not true. I have been able to dive into a topic and become a Subject Matter Expert. If you are dedicated you can find time to learn all kinds of things.

In the past I had to make decisions on that kind of technology that I was going to learn and support. Netware for example. I liked it, but I didn’t see a future. It is not only something is useful but that is has a market presence.

Be flexible in the stuff that people want, not just what you find interesting.

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