The pro’s/con’s of getting a RealID license

The pro’s/con’s of getting a RealID license

I got my Real ID license today and it was no big deal.

As you know on October 2020 Real ID will be required to fly domestically, enter federal buildings and entering nuclear power plants. I don’t plan on doing any of those things, but I like to be prepared just in case.

I also have a passport so I could take that with me if I wanted, but if I don’t have to it is easier. I actually own two passports. The regular blue one and a small card. I figure that if I had the big one stolen or lost, the smaller one would be my backup.

I joked that I had too much ID and the dmv worker laughed and said it is much better than not having enough. He said that most people forget things and so return home to get their different documents. I always bring all my legal papers to the dmv and it has worked well for me.

The con in getting a Real ID is that it costs some money. Today it cost $72 since I was “out of cycle” and that was an extra $30 charge. The cycle is apparently that since my drivers license didn’t need to be renewed that was extra work for them. I was also asked if I wanted the enhanced Real ID which apparently helps you if you drive into Canada/Mexico. I didn’t plan on doing that so I saved another $30 upcharge. I joked that the dmv is now McDonalds with the up-selling. The employee agreed with me.

Another con might be that the Real ID system forces states to work together and share data on drivers. I don’t see this as a bad thing. Of course privacy takes a hit, but privacy doesn’t exist anyway. So should you get one? Your choice.

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