Stories from my Past: You are too skinny, you are too fat.

Stories from my Past: You are too skinny, you are too fat.

I had some people in my life who didn’t support and help me and who were supposed to. Unfortunately one of them was a gf.

One day she told me that she said I was too skinny and that I was less handsome. So since she was living in another city I was able to spend the next month eating and buying new clothes. I gained 20 pounds so that she would be more attracted to me. When she sees me the next time she said I was now too fat and that I was less attractive than before. I cried.

I can understand how women feel when they are told by men that they need to look different. All of my effort wasn’t appreciated and she didn’t seem to care.

So I realized an important lesson then. I would just eat how I wanted to eat and no matter what I would love what I look like. I would no longer try to please others in how I look or what I wear. It turned out that in time I lost this gf, but later I found a more loving and kind woman.

In life you learn that all people are essentially hypocrites. This includes myself. We say that we want certain things, but in reality what we often want is what is emotionally or physically easy for ourselves. I think it is reasonable to expect that most people need to be motivated to work or else they are lazy and don’t see the purpose of work.

I enjoy learning and for me work is motivating enough. For the most part I enjoy what I do. There are times of course where there is some drudgery that can’t be avoided. Nothing is perfect. I do think that with time you can learn and grow and with the new skills you gain, anything is possible.

Life is about hope. Almost everything is possible.

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