Indeed great to showcase skills

Indeed great to showcase skills

If you are looking for a job using Indeed and LinkedIn is the best way to get a job.

Indeed has a feature called assessments that allow you to show skill in certain topics. Since I have taken those tests it shows what I am good at. They are quick to take about 10 minutes and kind of fun.

One of the hard things for recruiters or interviewers to judge is your skill level. People tend to ask the same questions and after you been in the business for awhile, they are a no-brainer to answer. It takes a great deal of trust to hire new people.

What else was interesting is that on LinkedIn you can be asked to visit external websites and complete a form after you do so. I was once asked to take the big 5 personality test. Then I was asked to take a screenshot and upload it along with typing in the values in the webform.

What else is interesting is that jobs that are on LinkedIn/Indeed can forward you to the company webpage. Often on those companies webpage they use information from both Linkedin/Indeed. When you combine this with the web browsers ability to fill in form fields, most applications are a quick process.

Unfortunately there are plenty of companies that don’t care about the application process. The longest application I did was 2 hours. It required almost me to input my entire resume into its form. I didn’t get the job, but what I did realize is that there is a certain amount of time that after that you probably won’t get the job.

It is interesting isn’t it? We talk about companies being efficient and wanting to attract the best and brightest but those people won’t spend their time filling out a broken form. They won’t wait for you to make a decision. They will find a better job and nothing you do will be able to stop that.

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