Scammers getting more agressive

Scammers getting more agressive

I had a phone scammer say that I was going to be arrested last week and I told him I am glad to have my day in court and hung up on him.

Of course no police ever arrived, but it was a waste of time for me. I researched what techniques scammers use and I want to share them with you.

  1. The biggest technique they use is fear. They tell you that that you are in legal trouble with the government and that a policeman is on his way to your house right now. They say that you might be in prison for years which is what the person said to me.
  2. They get angry with you when you don’t do what they want. They get on a power trip where they feel they can’t be questioned or if you question them they threaten you with the police/legal action.
  3. They prey on your ignorance of the law and US institutions. If you think that paying off someone from the government in gift cards is a good idea thats quite interesting. Gift card theft is such a big market that now people at gift card counters are trained to find out these scams when people are asking for gift cards.
  4. They coach you what to say to people who might try to stop you. They tell you specifically what kind of cards to buy in what denominations and what to say when you are asked why. They insist on staying on the phone with you while you are doing everything so that they can overcome any objections.
  5. They know very little computer technology to fool you. One trick involves making your webpage of your bank look like they transferred money into it. This is a very simple change and requires little skill. So they use those small tricks to fool people into sending money back to them that is their own money.
  6. They prey on the elderly or confused. One person on youtube acts like an old grandmother and has a fake older woman’s voice by computer. They sincerely believe they are talking to an old woman and they use compliments, flirtation and whatever else to get their money. It is sad how little they respect others.
  7. When they are discovered they get angry or hang up. Rarely do they admit they are in the wrong or they are sorry for what they do. They have no problem taking as much money as possible from people. They do very little work for a huge payoff, and they hide behind fake corporations or organizations who are solely in business for this theft.

Last week wasn’t the first time I have been threatened on the Internet. In the past a woman said she would share our conversation on Twitter/Facebook if I didn’t pay her $500. I didn’t pay the money and I didn’t care what she shared on the Internet. She was so angry but I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

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