I wish I could wear a spacesuit everyday

I wish I could wear a spacesuit everyday

I wish I could wear a spacesuit everyday.

Why? Easy. It would be the perfect temperature no matter what the temp is outside. It is amazing that they can keep a temp in subzero and very hot environments. Plus the fact that with their own air supply you wouldn’t have to breath the often contaminated outside air.

I am sensitive to smoke so when I walk down the street and people are smoking that causes me to cough and feel sick if I am around it enough. It would be neat as well to be able to have a quiet environment and the noise of the city would just fade away when I put on my helmet.

However this is not to be. Instead I like millions of other NYC’ers face the noise, dirt and life in the big city. I am not complaining I love it. I know that people born in NYC often say that they wish they could live somewhere else. I think people want what they haven’t had. I lived in a rural place and it is not all that it is cracked up to be. I suppose it is fine if you retire, but this is my life now and I will never be rural again.

I love being able to have choices in food, clothing and everything. I love being able to work at great places and share the money I earn with other worthwhile businesses. I love having a chance to gain skills and be useful in the world.

Yes it is true that at times NYC can have some challenging aspects. For me the most challenging is the noise, but with the headphones I shared earlier that really helps. I love the weather. I used to live in Chicago so to me NYC is balmy in the winter. I also like that it is close to the water, and I love being able to take the ferry everyday to work. It is so relaxing.

I couldn’t have imagined my life being this good in the past. I am so lucky that I have this life.

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