Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

What surprises me about people is that they don’t expect the unexpected.

People complain when perfectly normal things happen that they don’t like. For example, the last week my car needed some unexpected repairs. Well when you have a used car, this is expected behavior. So it is no surprise to me when this happens and I accept it and plan for it.

You know if you have a used car that as long as the repairs are cheaper than a new car, it makes sense to repair. It only doesn’t make sense to repair a car when it isn’t safe to drive or the cost of the repairs is more than the cost of the car. Perhaps in the future that will happen to me, but not yet. So I continue to repair the used car and I accept that.

Now in other areas of life people act surprised when things happen and they shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t be surprised when people leave us, we change jobs or things happen in life. This is normal and expected. People often act as though getting in a rut is the most comfortable and natural thing to do, but I see it as a trap. When you get comfortable you stop growing and even though it is difficult, growth is a choice.

Therefore when you are faced with the choice between the easy and difficult thing, I choose to do the difficult thing. Not because I enjoy the hard work and stress, but because I enjoy the feeling of mastery when I have learned a new skill or ability.

This is not to make me sound great. This is really to show that when you focus your life on things that help you to grow, it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It gives you a reason each day to get up and be motivated to learn.

Learning is great and unexpected problems are a great teacher.

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