Finding the truth is not easy

Finding the truth is not easy

I don’t claim to have found the truth, but I do realize when something is a lie.

Everyday I dig for facts and details to help me understand how things work. It is not easy remembering, thinking and evaluating information. Thinking is hard and critical thinking is even harder. When you really try to understand things, so many things prevent you from thinking clearly.

So one by one, you take away the distractions of your experience. You learn that your thoughts aren’t reality, you learn that the way the world is described isn’t reality. You learn that studies aren’t reality. What does that leave you with?

Lets give an example here. At one point in my life I thought that intelligent people must think the same. That if you have evidence of something, you naturally would arrive at the same conclusion from it. I learned that this is not true. The mostly hotly contested things in the world are things that people draw different conclusions about.

For example, some people believe that life was started by God. Others believe is was a big bang or something like that. I am not here to argue this point. This is just an example. We can interpret things using faith or reason, and one is not necessarily the truth. It doesn’t mean that god must exist, and it doesn’t mean that reason will eventually find the truth. Perhaps the truth of our existence is too big for our small minds to understand.

So then given our lack of intelligence and relative emotional stubbornness what should we do when we discuss things in which different conclusions can be drawn? I have seen as a society that people have gotten more defensive and done “us vs them”. I don’t think that is helpful or wise. I shared a study earlier that showed that people of different political values were more similar than different.

I think kindness and listening is the way to go in life. We may never find the truth, but we can acknowledge the other side deserves respect.

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