Experience doesn’t matter

Experience doesn’t matter

It seems that experience matters, but it does not.


A new study examined this question and came to a surprising conclusion: there were “no statistical difference between the patient mortality rates of new and experienced surgeons.” 

Not just in medicine but also in being a general worker.


Chad H. Van Iddekinge of Florida State University and his colleagues reviewed 81 studies to investigate the link between an employee’s prior work experience and his or her performance in a new organization. They found no significant correlation between the two. Even when people had completed tasks, held roles, or worked in functions or industries relevant to their current ones, it did not translate into better performance. The conclusion: Experience doesn’t predict a new hire’s success.

For years people have argued via Diplomas, degrees, and certifications that those proved a certain mastery of material. Clearly those attempts to quantify were just junk. Companies found out with expensive lessons how intelligent someone is by having them do the actual work.

What is surprising to me is that otherwise intelligent people find this so hard to understand. No quick interview is going to give someone a real grasp of someones skills. People are great at BS’ing and telling people what they want to hear.

What really should happen is a third-party testing company that focuses on skills and can verify the skills of people. Part of LinkedIn is the promise that they can validate someone experience. They are starting to do this by the tests they have for limited subjects. I have taken and passed some of those and those were a fair test of someones skills.

It would be helpful if LInkedin would allow SME to collaborate and create those skill tests. I would love to demonstrate proof of skills, but there are not easy ways to do that. Instead people have to guess and trust people which is a terrible system.

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