Looking at Iphone less latey

Looking at Iphone less latey

I have been looking at my iPhone less lately. I think I am enjoying other things more.

What have I been doing? Mostly thinking. I think about if what I am doing is helping the world and making a difference. I ask myself “Do I live the kind of life that my words say?” I think that as much as possible I do.

I’m not perfect. This is not me telling me how wonderful I am. It is just that it is easy to drift and do things on automatic and not be human.

For example, in my walk everyday to work I encounter homeless people. Of course that concerns me but there isn’t much I can do. I think when you stop having empathy/compassion for people you lose something essentially human. For that reason I don’t give money to the homeless because it is what research and social workers say you should do.

Just giving money to someone who isn’t wise in spending it doesn’t help them. The article linked above says that 6/10 homeless have addiction issues, and often that money is spent on drugs or short term relief. Homeless people need help and direction and thats where social workers and shelters come in.

Giving money is a generous and helpful response when knowledgeable organizations and people can help them. One of the things I learned from a gf who was a social worker is that poverty is a complex topic. I didn’t realize how complex until I started researching it.

Therefore, when I read online people who have simple and quick solutions to societies problems I can’t believe them. They have good intensions, but they don’t understand the details. I don’t fully understand the details of all the social problems either, but I know that simple solutions rarely work.

For example, housing vouchers increase stability and many things for homeless people but it also means the person is less likely to get a job. That is not the goal of any program. The goal is to help someone become a fully functioning member of society. We don’t have all the answers when we help people.

Still even with the partial answers we have, we have to start somewhere. I have been looking at my phone less because I can affect change by talking to people and helping them be more aware of others challenges.

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