Stories from my Past: He told me I had to please him.

Stories from my Past: He told me I had to please him.

If you listen to people, you hear some heartbreaking stories.

I volunteered in High school to work with Special Olympics and help people with developmental disabilities. I enjoyed it because many people who have these issues have fantastic attitudes. They really work hard for everything that they have.

One woman that I worked with shared with me that she had been approached by the football quarterback and star of the local team. He said that if she wanted a relationship with him she had to have sex with him. She did that but then he didn’t have a relationship with him. She said that she liked me and that she wanted a relationship with me so she wanted to have sex with me.

Now I instantly felt bad for her. To demand someone to do something to have a relationship is cruel. Then not to keep your promise is even crueler. To think that in order to have someone love you, you have to have sex with them was also cruel. This is what she learned from him.

I explained to her that he wasn’t a kind person and that a kind person never demands something from someone else. I explained that I didn’t want to have sex with her but that I would be her friend and help her that year. I did that and we worked everyday in class, and she improved in her abilities. Her special education teacher later told me that she was surprised at her improvements in working with me. It made me feel good.

I also told her special education teacher what the other person did so that she could properly address it. You don’t take advantage of someone who is vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if it is an intellectual disability or the woman can’t give consent because she is drunk. I am not desperate and I don’t take advantage of people.

Respect is owed to everyone no matter what condition they are in.

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