Brand snobbery makes no sense

Brand snobbery makes no sense

Apple users are often accused of being elitist snobs. Often this is true. People who own Apple products tend to be more affluent according to research.

It is understandable that for people who want to make a statement about their values or perception that they dislike other brands. I have to admit that I have been a brand snob at times and not tried certain products because I had a past negative experience with a brand.

Why am I sharing this? Yesterday I received a pair of shoes I ordered from Amazon. They were from Croc. Yes I know, I hate the original Croc too but the reviews on this pair were amazing. Even though they had 7 reviews, none of them were 1 star. There is always 1 star reviews even with very few reviews like this. So clearly there was something special about these shoes.

I ordered them and have worn them to work today. They are comfortable. I didn’t expect much from them. After all they were $30 and Croc. What can you expect? However I am very pleased at the value for the money. I have bought Sketchers at $60 and these in my opinion are more comfortable.

The point I am trying to make is that I almost didn’t buy these because Croc shoes was something that I never expected to have good quality. The fact is that companies can and do change, and even a company that disappointed you in the past can make an occasional good product.

Remember how I have said that you have to constantly challenge your assumptions and experience? Part of me said that they can’t be good, but if they were bad I would just send them back. At the very least I could get some use out of them. Or give them to a friend. There are many options when you buy things that you can’t use.

Now I am not trying to sell these shoes so I won’t link to them. If someone asks then I will share the link. The point here is that brands that are bad can become good, and brands that were good can become bad. I shared earlier how Sony used to be great with hardware and now they just make cheap junk.

Keep an open mind because the world is not as static as our beliefs.

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