What is a reasonable standard?

What is a reasonable standard?

I recently spoke with a friend about standards and so this is to explore what a reasonable standard is.

To me a reasonable standard is something that pushes the limits of what someone can do. If you don’t try to reach more each day than you could the day before, what is the point of living? What kind of goal is it when you don’t have to work to achieve it? Aren’t the most rewarding things the things that you have struggled and worked for?

I don’t like to just live each day and to just exist. I want each day to accomplish something so that I can justify my existence. What right do we have to live when we consume so many resources? I see that the world struggles to support humanity, and I want to make my life mean something. I don’t want my life to just be another dead weight in the world.

Therefore, even if it hurts I try to push myself. Maybe all of my efforts mean nothing. Maybe there is no greater meaning that others can get from my life. However I choose to live as though I mean something, and for me that gives me a sense of meaning.

I don’t know what your beliefs are and what makes you excited to start the day. I know that for me, each day is a day for growth and healing. I wonder what happens when I can’t feel I can contribute any longer. I will always want to feel useful, and even if I just clean the streets there has to be more than just pleasing yourself.

What kind of standard should we have? What do you want to be remembered for? Someone who lived a life that others got inspired from, or just another selfish life?

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