Mobile home considered poor but RV is considered rich

Mobile home considered poor but RV is considered rich

I just realized that a Mobile home generally denotes someone is poor, but an RV is usually owned by the wealthy.

It is so arbitrary. In many ways an RV is less helpful than a Mobile home. It costs more to use, it is less safe in a storm, it takes more effort to use. The only advantage is that it is mobile, which isn’t a great advantage.

I think that mobile homes are looked down upon because they are cheap and they usually are in a poor place. RV’s even cheap ones have the ability to not be associated with undesirable people, so they are assumed they have higher status people. In addition celebrities use expensive RV’s so there is an aura of status in having one.

RV’s promise freedom and choices, but what freedom is there in an RV that damages the environment? A mobile home is wasteful too since it is temporary and rarely lasts. We could invest in things that would make the world a better place, but planned obsolesce and making profits are more important aren’t they?

We easily justify things as natural but that don’t have to be this way. We can make living in a sustainable way with sustainable technology our way. We don’t have to buy disposable things because they are easy. We don’t have to continue to buy, trying to fill a hole that can’t be filled. Our happiness doesn’t depend on things, but in your relationships and love we have with each other.

Does this mean that I have given up on adventuring in an RV? No. It has got me wondering how sustainable it is however, and that living in a home isn’t the worst way to go. In fact, living with someone you love, it doesn’t matter where is it is does it?

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