Apples recent frequent updates annoying

Apples recent frequent updates annoying

If you have any apple device you probably are as tired as I am of constantly updating them. They are annoying aren’t they?

I read an article today that made me write this. The author said that Apple is in a no-win situation. I doubt that. When you have money, you are never in a no-win situation. He said that Apple is criticized if it focuses on stability and speed and no features, and if it focuses on features without stability and speed. He said that you can’t have both.

I disagree. Apple has a difficult job but it is one that they have chosen. They choose the tools and the way the OS works, and if they don’t like it, they only have themselves to blame. What I think is happening is what is happening to the broader US culture of work. They are pushing the testing to the public beta testers, and not having adequate testing internally.

It is not the job of the customer to resolve problems. When it gets to the customer stage, there are many failures of management that have occurred. We don’t allow this kind of excuse in other critical software systems do we? Airplanes need software to run, but we don’t allow this kind of shoddy testing do we? Of course not. Yes I can hear you say that software features are less complex, but I would argue that software issues are what caused the MAX 737 tragedy so they aren’t less complex.

Either/or thinking is rarely the real situation. Yes, complexity is real but that is happening partly because of the older programming code they are using. Many new languages take care of things that don’t need to be manually managed. Yes, there is uncertainty in moving code, but Apple has moved code so often in its OS its a non-issue. The public would rather have the benefits of a stable system, and if that requires changing the programming language then change away!

I see Apple trying to maintain the status quo and it does’t help anyone. If they want to get out of this quagmire of problems they need to take bold action. Let go of the past and move to the future. Strange that once you are in power you suddenly turn conservative.

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