Difficult to not buy something from China

Difficult to not buy something from China

I just bought a space heater and the company looked like it was a US based company with the name. When I received it, it said it was made in China.

My experience of things from China is they break. However things made in the US break as well. So now it is just a matter of availability. Sometimes all you can get are things from China unless you have lots of time and money.

Three years ago I was looking for a space heater when it was getting cold in the fall. When I went to multiple stores all the space heaters were sold. Finally I went to a store that seemed less likely to have a space heater. They had heaters and one was left from a company I had never heard of. I bought it and it lasted 3 years. I wonder how long this thing will last.

I read the Amazon reviews and everyone liked this heater. I don’t normally look at the country of origin for products. It doesn’t matter to me where they are made, it matters what peoples experience of them is. One of the frustrating things though is when I have looked to get more information about companies that sell electronics, you often can’t even find a webpage for them. If they don’t have a webpage I don’t tend to buy it.

However with this product I made an exception. After spending two hours reading reviews, I was exhausted in trying to find a good product. No product is perfect and I tend to be happy if I can find products that have less than 10% of people who give it a 1 star. The best products have very low percentage of 1 star reviews, and some superior products have no 1 star reviews. Of course the total number of reviewers mades a big difference. I balance off the number of users and the 1 star rating.

For example, this heater had 4% of users who gave it a 1 Star the lowest rating. The next best heater had 7% of users who gave it a 1 star rating. I discount totally 4/5 star reviews because they are paid for it is clearly shown. Three star reviews aren’t helpful because normally those people don’t know what they want, or can’t make a suggestion on if you should buy it. The 2/1 star people clearly hate the product and show a worst case experience.

I can’t think of any product I have bought from China that has lasted. In fact very few products in my life have been reliable. The most reliable thing that I have ever owned has been a Leatherman multitool. Of course it is also true that I didn’t use it much, so that doesn’t really impress me.

China has many admirable things that they contributed to culture and society. I doubt their products will ever be reliable.

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