Keep putting off buying a laptop

Keep putting off buying a laptop

I have been meaning to buy a laptop for a year, but I keep putting it off.

I have gone into a store and looked at the laptop that I considered buying. I had the credit on the credit card to buy it, but I still couldn’t justify it. I wasn’t doing anything that required a new laptop other than play games, and that isn’t a good enough reason.

I mean I play video games on a Playstation 4. How many video game playing systems do I need? Plus there was always something more helpful to spend money on. I spent money on clothes, wellness treatments and paying off my car debt this year. This seemed more important to me than just buying a laptop that I would sometimes use.

Don’t misunderstand. My 7 year old laptop is still working imperfectly. I can’t play Civilization but that isn’t the end of the world. My life isn’t worse because I can’t play every video game that I might want to. In fact, the older I get the less I enjoy playing video games. I used to eagerly buy new games when they were released but I don’t have that passion anymore.

Now what makes me more interested is in finding ways to increase my wellness. I have been getting regular massages which are fantastic and really help reduce my stress. I used to have regular massages in the past but had to stop for financial reasons. Now that I can afford them again it is an amazing experience to feel relaxed. I also have bought things that I never had for a long time. I bought an air filter and that has helped me to breath better since I have had it. So that was nice as well.

Today I bought a heater since the apartment doesn’t always have the level of heat that I prefer. My old heater is starting to fail and only one of the two heating elements work. Since it is getting colder, clearly I need to buy something that is more reliable. When I went to look up the warranty I discovered that it was only 1 year, so since I got 3 years use out of it I was lucky. It cost $40 and I used it often but I would never buy something from that company again. I then bought a more comfortable zero gravity backpack which makes taking my lunch to work so comfortable and repaired my ten year old wool coat.

So as you can see, I am not lacking things to buy. I am not sharing this to brag, but rather to point out that happiness comes from a balanced life not just focused on a few things. It is certainty a pleasure using a new mac at work but it is a greater pleasure to have a comfortable environment and the choice to not work because you don’t have debts.

We all have to determine what will make us happy. I rarely have bought a new computer and I only bought a newer iPhone because I was getting terrible reception on the old 6S that I had. I need more justification to spend a thousand or more than just it being faster. Apple isn’t doing something remarkable with their hardware anymore. It used to be that a new laptop was so fantastic that you couldn’t believe it exists. Now it is a yawn. Thinness is not enough to buy. It has to be functional and useful in a way that other computers don’t have. I don’t see anything compelling me to buy. Do you?

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