How to be humble and let everyone know how great you are

How to be humble and let everyone know how great you are

Guess what? It turns out that one of the reasons that people are humble is because they don’t think their positive qualities or accomplishments deserve special attention. 

Which is remarkable. Most people do things so that they can brag about it. I must admit that in my past I did things because I wanted others to see how valuable that I was. Part of the reason that I would buy a nice car in the past is that I wanted others to see that I was important. I learned how silly that idea was. Now I would rather be a helpful person and improve the world however I can.

It takes time to let go of the silly ideas that we have been taught. I have a ten year old car now that is beat down but that doesn’t stress me at all. In fact, I am starting to think that cars are the enemy and another tool designed to keep people poor and in jobs they hate. I used to love cars, so this is a big change in my own thinking.

I am giving you examples from my life to show that we all get caught up in having and doing stuff in order to get recognition. I shared before a video that said that humans get caught up in 3 things that don’t help us. Most of us want recognition, security and control of our lives. If you can let those three things go, then you will be happier. It is not easy to do this but working towards this goal has made me increasingly happy.

I shared earlier that I was struggling on how much emergency supplies I should buy to prepare for bad weather or whatever. I see that for me, a few things is all that I can justify buying. Living in an apartment my strategy can only be to leave in an RV because there is no way to survive long term in an apartment.

Being humble is about recognizing that no matter how many helpful decisions or accomplishments there is always someone better and someone worse than you. I feel so grateful that because of my mentors help I have been able to reduce my ego. I would like to say I have let go of my ego but I am not at that level yet. I would like one day to just exist, and not desire any kind of recognition, control or security.

Not there yet, but on my way!

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