Make your NYC commute more pleasant

Make your NYC commute more pleasant

If you want to make your NYC commute more pleasant you will want to buy these iDeaPlay V402 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. I am not making money by this link. I am not an amazon affiliate.

I had tried many headphones while commuting. If you don’t have noise canceling headphones and commute it is difficult to hear what you are listening to. The subway is especially difficult with its screeching and other noises.

Yesterday I commuted using old Bose non noise canceling headphones. They were terrible. Apple Airpods are terrible at blocking out noise. So I had to buy something and I researched and read lots of reviews. Surprisingly the most expensive companies have terrible reviews. Sony/Bose had terrible reviews. Personally I will not buy Bose again. Their customer service is terrible. I am not happy with Sony either. They used to be excellent but lately their stuff is just junk. I will never buy another Playstation after having 4 of them for example.

Today for the second time I used these V402 headphones and it was great. I still heard some noise but if I were listening to music I know I wouldn’t have heard anything. Listening¬† to two guys talking, pausing and the general low sound it is not surprising I should hear something with noise canceling on. The commute today was so pleasant. If I had to guess I perhaps heard 10% of what I would normally hear. I am very pleased.

Now I am in the office and for the most part I don’t hear anything. I hear a phone ringing about 10 feet away, but peoples voices for the most part are muted. It is remarkable. If I had known these work so well I would have purchased them before. I have worked in noisy offices before and tried all kinds of headphones. I like the Apple Airpods, but not enough to pay money for noise canceling ones. They were given to me as a gift, so I am not motivated to buy them again. I only use them when I am charging my main headphones.

Anyway I think you will like these headphones. Enjoy.

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