Stories from my Past: Sometimes the bear gets you

Stories from my Past: Sometimes the bear gets you

Ever hear the saying “Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you?” In life you can’t always win, and it is ok to not always win.

I once was told that I had to take two college tests at the same time. I talked to both professors and showed them that the other professor scheduled the final at the same time, but they didn’t care. So I was forced to take one test and then run across campus to take the second test.

In life you might find people who don’t care about your well-being. You just have to ignore them and find a way to accept that some people are cruel. Many times you can’t win in life, but you can do the best you can and that is good enough.

Winning isn’t just proving to others that you are better than someone else. In fact someone who needs to prove to others is sad. You are a winner when you find a way to be happy no matter the circumstance or problem. You can face the worst thing that can happen because it can’t destroy you.

For example many people worry about losing a job. I have been downsized or laid off from failing companies so often I don’t care about losing a job anymore. It doesn’t say anything about my worth as a person, or my ability to help others. When you make yourself dependent on what happens outside of you, you will always be unhappy. You have to find happiness from what is happening inside of you.

What happens inside is that I care and respect others and myself. I do the best I can wherever I am at, and then whatever else happens is not in my control. If someone no longer wishes to know me that is their choice. If a friend stops talking to me, clearly it isn’t because of who I am, but who they are. There is a saying “The world doesn’t change, I do.” I think we change and others can accept us, or not, but it has nothing to do with our own worth.

Life is about finding a way to accept it and be happy. To change the things we can control and have responsibility for. The rest is someone else’s problem.

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