Stories from my Past: Your arms are a junkies dream

Stories from my Past: Your arms are a junkies dream

I was in a hospital setting once where addicts were gathered together. One of them said to me “Your arms are a junkies dream.”

I said I don’t understand and he said that because I had very strong veins in my arms it would be easy to put IV drugs in them. I had never considered that. When I have had to have IV’s in the past medical professionals never had problems but I thought it was due to their skill not to my body.

Why am I sharing this? To other people our body or lives seems like the answer to their problems. The person who said this to me said that he doesn’t have any good veins left from drug use so it was very important to him. I have learned that some drug addicts will shot drugs into various parts of their body which is really dedication. I don’t want to put a needle in any part of my body.

As men we often hear women who look at other women and say “I wish I had her X”. Many women feel that they need to have a certain look to be attractive. Even men sometimes get jealous of other mens muscles or possessions. Whatever someone else has we think if only we had it we would be happy. It isn’t true.

For example I was curious once about what would happen if I exercised to get more muscles. I did it and got bigger muscles but then it requires you to continue to exercise. Not worth it. I’d rather learn something than spend time at a gym. That is more relaxing to me.

Then I tried having nice possessions like a luxury car. That was even worse. Not only was I not happy in having it, I was not happy in not having money to spend on other experiences. For me having a nice thing never equaled the pain of buying it.

Now I know that some people take shortcuts and don’t feel these problems. They might take drugs to get muscles, use machines that can keep their muscles big without much work. They may have a rich background that a nice car is just normal and not stressful. That is not me, and probably not most people who read this.

What has been the most rewarding in life is to have experiences not things. I can’t imagine drugs or anything else changing this experience.

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