Truth comes in bits, not all at once

Truth comes in bits, not all at once

One thing I have learned in life that truth comes in bits, not all at once.

I have reviewed many books on this blog, and I have noted disagreement with many of them. One of the things that happens with time is that what made the book popular and well received at the time is no longer the case. For example I spoke about hating Thinking Fast and Slow.

Now it turns out that I found out today that Chapter 4 in that book has a low reliability rating in the studies. That means that it was a mistake to include that information because it could not be replicated. I thought his entire argument and book was a mistake.

Studying the EMT stuff I have seen that the medical world has moved from quickly from what I learned about it each year. I shared things like High Performance CPR that saves more lives, and even basic terms like how you describe burns change. I like to share studies and those change as well. Science keeps improving and I love that it does.

So what this means is that if you are rational or like to make decisions based on something more than feeling, this helps the world. I think part of what happens in the world is not about peoples feelings, but how science redefines what it means to live.

I don’t think just science can redefine our lives. I have shared that things like dreams are life changing as well. It is arrogant and simplistic to think that we have to either be against spirituality or science, because I don’t believe we are just one or the other.

It is not easy for people to process truth. I think this is why so few people do it. It is easier to retreat into a fantasy of what is comfortable to do and think. It is not always easy to grow, but for me the choice is clear. I want to know what is real and if that means I have to change, I will.

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