Dreams can teach

Dreams can teach

In SG1 one of the characters said “Dreams can teach” and then taught Daniel a lesson about how power can corrupt a person. It was a touching episode.

One of the gifts I have been given is that ability to remember many dreams I have had. Generally I remember at least one dream a night when I wake up. If it is important to me I think about it and if not, then I let it go.

Dreams have taught me the most important lessons in life. I have shared some of my dreams in the past and I am shy sometimes of sharing some dreams. I think that some messages are just for me, while others can be shared.

Last night I dreamed of starting a new job and my boss who was a leader in his field and so smart started to criticize me for a mistake he thought I made. I stopped him before he got started by saying that I will quit if he is going to criticize me. HIs criticism was invalid, cruel and wrong. I reminded him of why he hired me, and that he should ask me questions rather than accuse me of something. He got quiet and I woke up.

What this means to me is that I was criticizing myself for reasons that were entirely false. I have suffered with perfectionism in the past and at moments it returns to me. I had been studying the EMT information as I had shared before with you and I wasn’t getting the grade that I wanted. I realized yesterday that it was an exaggerated sense of needing to prove to myself that I was smart that made me feel this way. Taking a test that has complicated things there is no shame with taking it multiple times.

Struggling to learn shouldn’t discourage you, it should make you feel proud for growing.

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