Studying to learn EMT skills

Studying to learn EMT skills

I was preparing my First Aid kit and I realized that I didn’t know a great deal about what is important to have in it. I watched youtube videos from different people, but I couldn’t determine what I needed or what was reasonable. So in order to learn First Aid skills I thought that studying to be an EMT might be the way to gain those skills.

I am taking a course on Coursera called EMT training. It has 6 sections and I am on the 4th of the 6 sections. Each section is broken down into 4 weeks. So you could say a section is like a month course that they figure it will take for you to learn and remember. I really like the material I am learning and know for sure that I never want to be a real EMT.

So why take this class? I want to understand things more than you can get by watching simple youtube videos. Even professionals don’t have the time or inclination to share all the things they know. I must admit that at times the course has been challenging to view. They keep the blood and guts to a minimum but there are still times where it is necessary to show that for educational reasons. I have learned to just pause the video, breath and then I’m ok to continue.

What makes you feel really good after watching these videos and passing the tests is knowing that you can possibly save someones life. I had shared I did CPR/AED/Heimlich maneuver training so it is nice to be able to have other skills as well. Of course I don’t think I am a junior EMT and I would never presume to get in the way of a professional. However if no one is around, I feel confident that I can do many things that will improve someones chances to live.

It is true, maybe I will never use these skills. Thats ok with me. It feels good to be prepared and have those skills no matter what happens in the future.

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