The world is helped by being who you are

The world is helped by being who you are

I once had a mentor tell me that the world is helped by being who you are. It was shocking to me. I always thought that to help people I had to give advice or do something!

I am not sharing this to brag but rather to say that your example and not your words are the most effective thing you can do to help people. For example, I worked with people in a job that were very difficult. They were rarely pleased or happy and it didn’t matter how well you did your job.

What I did is what I always do with people. I treated them with kindness and patience. They softened up and slowly they began to respond. In their world, they always have people attacking them and they have lots of fears. It is not my job or capacity to heal their thoughts and spirit. I just needed to be able to do the job and show them that they were going to be taken care of.

It is one of the most amazing things in life when you realize that what you say matters very little. You start to speak less. You don’t try to condemn or convert others. You don’t try to explain why you do things. You let people think whatever they want to think, and thats ok if they misunderstand you. It is ok if they are ignorant or uncaring or whatever fault you think they have. It is all ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life and be peaceful.

Being who you are for most people is the best thing you can ever do in life. It is what allows you to be kind, patient and loving. It doesn’t require all kinds of mental gymnastics, and it doesn’t feel out of character with your intuition and experience. Of course you can always grow, and growth will happen when you stop trying to fight things and go with the flow.

Be who you are unless you are a jerk.

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