CreditKarma helpful and unhelpful to improve your credit

CreditKarma helpful and unhelpful to improve your credit

I love Credit Karma. It has helped me improve my credit but today wasted my time. Let me share what happened.

I got an email that said that my personal information has been breached and that my information is out there for bad people to profit from. Not exactly in those words, but you get the general idea. So I log in to see what I can do. It first makes me confirm my email address even though for me to respond, it had to go to my email address. Whatever. So I confirm it, and then it says that I can click to go to the credit bureau webpage to freeze my credit. Great!

Well it doesn’t turn out great. It turns out that each credit bureau wants me to sign up for their monitoring service. If I do so, then I loose the money that I would get for my credit being breached in the settlement. Remember that one of the credit agencies didn’t protect its data and offered a $125 payment or get this, free credit monitoring? Isn’t that rich? They mess up, and then offer you a worthless product that doesn’t protect you at all.

So the credit bureau wants me to sign up with their “free” service. Yeah right it isn’t free and nothing is ever free. The legal language makes it clear that they will charge for it at some time in the future.

Now what I like about Credit Karma is that it has a credit score simulator so that you can see the effects of making certain credit decisions. There are things that clearly help and things that don’t help. So I used this simulator to improve my credit score years ago, and that has helped me tremendously. I have shown this to friends and it has helped them as well.

There are basic skills in life that should be taught and free to everyone. Dealing with credit, the law, and having a basic knowledge of first aid/health. Knowing these things has made all the difference in the quality of my life.

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