LinkedIn unusual experiences

LinkedIn unusual experiences

I try to be open and understanding with people. However sometimes I just don’t understand why people do things.

For example, this morning I got a text from someone who messaged me on LinkedIn. I had spoken to him months ago by text because I thought he might open up a new network of people for me. However he didn’t, and then he never responded to my last message. Then months later he wants to talk to me again. I don’t think so.

Another gentleman messages me a few days ago and says Hello. I respond and he doesn’t say anything further. Then for the next two days he randomly messages me on LInkedin to say Hello. I ask him if there is something I can do for him and he respond with “Do you have something for me brother?” We are not related. I block him.

I think the purpose of LinkedIn is to grow your knowledge or network not to have useless conversations. I have better things to do with my time than be a random chatbot for someone. What would be nice is if you could somehow have a test before people message you. Like they have to pass some sort of simple logic test or something.

Now of course since I put my personal email on my profile you can say to me “If you didn’t have that, you wouldn’t have random people messaging you.” That is completely true. However I would miss out on opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Not every person wants to send a limited stash of emails. Not every opportunity has the time to look me up on my website. So I accept that by making it easy to contact me, that you take the helpful with the unhelpful.

So why write this then? Mostly to say that if you feel someone on LinkedIn is wasting your time that blocking them is acceptable. I have had to block very few people, but they were annoying and they all crossed a line they should not have.

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