Extra college classes can be fun

Extra college classes can be fun

I like continuing my education and a few years ago I did a graduate level college class that was lots of fun.

Why am I telling you this? It is easy to dismiss regular colleges when there are many educational options online. I like online training very much but sometimes you can’t beat a regular college institution for the breath of learning.

For example, the class I took was on cloud computing and it was great. I learned many things and I was able to share some of the cloud things that I was doing with the class. Unlike online learning, they had an environment where you could try things and you got to network with like minded people. Having contacts is always helpful.

Some of my favorite places to learn are youtube and some paid sites. I have paid for many learning websites, but only for a limited time. For me, most of those sites content is out of date and the teachers are not focused on what is practically useful. Since I work in technology the pace is so fast that those courses get quickly outdated.

However I have to say that a few weeks ago I did a training on Office and excel that was just excellent. I also liked learning some new programming languages on Sololearn. Lately youtube has been excellent. It varies depending on the people you can find. I always enjoy Techmoan. Lately I have been watching lots of videos on data centers and UPS. Boring I know if you aren’t in IT, but interesting to me.

I liked this website called Hamtestonline. It is to help you get your ham radio license. For a modest $29 fee you can learn electrical and basic ham radio details. It is worthwhile and I enjoyed learning there. I didn’t pay the $29 because ham radio seems to be a dying hobby. I think the future of citizen radio will be mesh networks.

Stay curious my friends.

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