Be prepared for emergencies for 72 hours

Be prepared for emergencies for 72 hours

I grew up in a community that a strong independent outdoorsman preference. Many people liked to talk about their survival equipment. They stored food and did all the things it is popular to do now.

Therefore I like being prepared as well. I must admit that I often feel people have overdone it so I try to consider a balance in prepping. Last year I tried out some emergency food which I liked the taste of but made me feel sick. Currently I have a small emergency bag in my car but it is inadequate.

NY state just like most others encourage citizens to have emergency supplies that can last 72 hours. I was here during Hurricane Sandy and I was embarrassed that I didn’t have this given my background. So for the last several years I have looked for something that could do the job.

I finally found it. I do not get paid for this endorsement, but I think this is the best pack to survive 72 hours of an emergency situation. It can be adjusted for 1 or 4 people easily when you buy it. For 1 person it comes to $199 and for 2 $249. Reasonable price for what you get.

That may sound expensive to some of you but it is a necessary cost. No one knows the future, and no one can help you when they don’t have themselves. To me this kit is a cheap insurance for the future. I hope that I never have to use it.

It is called The Superior Pack by Stay Alive.

This is their sales copy from the page:

  • Our top-rated, top-quality, over 300 piece (87 item) SUPERIOR Backpack to help prepare for up to 4 people.
  • Includes award winning emergency radio system with options to charge your mobile devices.
  • Up to 72 ounces of water provided in a can, with shelf life of 50 years!
  • The best water filter is provided in the pack that allows you to have 100,000 gallons of clean (drinkable) water!
  • Up to 5000kcals of food provided in each pack.
  • Equipped with N95 respiratory masks and an eyewear protective gear.
  • Multiple ways of navigating and sending signals for help.
  • Multiple ways of starting a fire and keeping warm.
  • The only emergency pack you’ll ever need.
  • Includes the Ultimate First Aid Pack inside.

The only thing I would add to this kit is the B.O.S.S. Medical Bundle for $119. This is an amazing medical kit that can do an incredible amount of things.

Be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

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