Ways to make being sick more bearable

Ways to make being sick more bearable

As a kid I was often sick. I had allergies, asthma and some other things. So I never had the experience of not being aware of my health.

I am not complaining. I am fortunate to live in a time where this medical help is available and I have access to it. I realized that I can offer those who are sick some ideas while they are sick to still enjoy life.

  1. Don’t see being stuck in bed/couch as a weakness. You can still accomplish many things even if you aren’t mobile. For example, today I am sick but I am still learning things so that I can be useful in my job. As long as you can engage your mind you can contribute to others.
  2. Don’t identify with a sense of control. I like how Michael Fox said that we have an illusion we are in control but we aren’t. Most of us are controlled by what others think, and what we haven’t processed in our own values. It is amazing but most people don’t consider why they do things. They think their values are their own when they are just what they have been taught. Life is more than just doing things, it is also having a commitment to your values.
  3. Do as much as you can no matter what your condition is. As a child I often couldn’t breath very well but I still ran, swam and did as much as I could. It was often painful and not easy but life isn’t always easy. Just doing what is easy doesn’t make us strong.
  4. Do share and communicate with others. What is especially helpful is to help those who are in a more difficult situation than you. Every time I have helped the homeless, handicapped or whatever you feel immensely grateful for your life. I can’t help someone without feeling gratitude toward my life. In fact the fastest way to feel good is in helping others. No matter if you are behind a computer on a couch or in an office you can help someone today.
  5. Do look for opportunities to be kind. When you take the focus of life off of pleasing yourself a miraculous thing happens. Life is an opportunity to give and make others feel good and that will always make you feel good.

I can’t tell you what is right for your life, but only share what has helped me.

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