US Citizens are dumb at math, vocabulary and technology

US Citizens are dumb at math, vocabulary and technology

You can read the details in this easy to understand article about US Citizens.

So what does this mean for us? It means that anyone who shows a greater than average ability at math, vocabulary or technology has a good chance of getting a job. This is especially true in larger cities like Chicago and New York.

My experience in both of these cities is there is an endless supply of need for the above skills. It doesn’t take all three. Just having one skill is enough. My skill is technology and I have some linguistic skill as well. For me, I feel good that I have options.

You know what is surprising? When I have worked at some companies, some of my coworkers have shared with me their fear that if they lose that job they might not be able to find another job. This happened when I worked at a black owned company. The majority of my coworkers were black and they said it was very tough to get a good job when you are black no matter how much education and degrees you have. I believe them.

What was surprising is that those black coworkers many said to me “You are fortunate that you don’t have to worry about getting a job.” It was partly because they were referring to me being white and having privilege and also a compliment to my skills. However sometimes I wonder if I would have gotten the jobs I had if I were black.

Every day in my inbox I see terrible examples of English. Misspellings, bad grammar and poor word choices.  The worst often comes from those with college degrees. There is no relationship with having a college degree and being a good english speaker or writer. I admire so much people who learn English as a second language and speak it better than native speakers.

I have been fortunate to help non-native english speakers learn English both in beginning and advanced ways. It makes me feel good to polish their skills and know that I have opened up their employment and future possibilities. No matter what happens to me, I can feel good that I have made even a small number of peoples lives easier.

Life is about helping people. Everything else is just window dressing.

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