My experience with LinkedIn Mentoring program

My experience with LinkedIn Mentoring program

For years others have asked my advice through the LinkedIn Mentoring program. The last time I offered to mentor someone, I never heard back.

I find this interesting. For me, if there was someone that I wanted to be a mentor I wouldn’t ghost them. If I found someone better I would say thank you for offering, but I found someone who I think would be a better fit. I wonder why people think ghosting is ok?

In the future if that person asks me for help what is a reasonable reply? What do you say to someone who ghosted you? The childish response would be not to reply if they wanted to talk to you again. However I don’t believe in tit for tat. No matter how someone treats you, it is a choice to treat others with dignity and respect.

I would ask them however if they remember ghosting me and what they would do if someone ghosted them and then asked for help. It is not my purpose to lecture others, but rather to help them see that what they are asking for is not reasonable.

I immediately lose respect for anyone who ghosts me. Even if that person has no consequence in my future, I don’t ignore people. I respond to every email even if it is short to say I am not interested. Often sales people take this to mean they can vomit their sales bit. If you come at me with a sales pitch first thing, that is an immediate and forever burning the bridge.

I get it. Sales people are pressured to deliver. It is not my job to help them. When sales people make themselves the enemy, then what is a reasonable person supposed to do? For example, I get sales people each week contacting me about “opportunities”. I don’t want opportunities from you. I want answers when I ask for a quote.

People do not have short memories when they are ghosted. You will ruin your reputation and your company by doing this.

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