Accept being uncomfortable

Accept being uncomfortable

Life is uncomfortable and often just accepting it makes it comfortable.

White people complaining about first world problems is sad. So when I find myself complaining about minor things to myself I have to remind myself how privileged I am to be able to complain about that problem.

It is ok to be honest with your feelings, and it is ok to accept that there is discomfort in life. Sometimes that discomfort happens because we are not in control, feel secure, or have the recognition that we want. In those cases our discomfort is entirely within our control.

I have to accept that everyday I am not in control, secure or have the recognition that I want. I think it is human to want to be in our comfort zone all the time. That which takes us out of our comfort zone is often difficult for us to accept and grow from.

However it is necessary. For example, almost all of my life I have taken a car to get to work. However I had an opportunity to take public transportation and save a lot of frustration from commuting. I took that opportunity. I have to be honest here that the NYC subway scared me at first. I wasn’t used to being so packed in with people. It felt claustrophobic at first. However I challenged myself, and now even on crowded trains I am ok.

I would not have taken the subway if I could have taken a car. I had to change because the commute time in the car was unreasonable. We often get forced to change because of the circumstances of our lives. This is natural and reasonable, and in the end we grow from it.

Does this mean I prefer the subway over a car? No. I would still prefer taking a car. However I have a choice, and for right now, taking the subway is a more helpful decision for me.

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