Don’t use Bitdefender or things will go wrong

Don’t use Bitdefender or things will go wrong

I thought I would try Bitdefender since I was disappointed in my previous favorite mac anti-virus program. Boy was that a mistake!

First I went to a website that does reviews of anti-virus programs. It was well known and credible in the IT community. Two different rating companies gave Bitdefender an almost perfect score. Since I had used many of the others I thought I would give it a chance. I paid $40 and it only took a few days until I had my first problem.

The first problem I had is that it took forever to do a scan of my system. I mean like 3 hours. No mac software has ever taken that long do a scan ever. I guess that should have been my first hint that it was going to be a rocky road.

The second problem I had is that it caused me to not be able to launch Brave my favorite mac browser. Brave never caused problems before, and I knew that this program was the cause. I restarted and I still couldn’t launch the browser.

Then when I rebooted the finder it froze the finder and I had to restart my computer. Ok, when a program is bad enough that it effects the finder it is gone.

On the good side when I spoke with customer service that I wanted a refund, they asked if I would like a free 3 month extension or a refund. I said refund and they said no problem it will be on your account in 3 days.

Why are mac anti-virus/endpoint protection programs on the mac so terrible? At work I use Symantec Endpoint protection which slows down my computer. Every mac endpoint protection I have ever used has slowed down the mac and/or caused application issues.

I get that mac users don’t have much to worry about, still for the average mac users using endpoint protection is still painful.

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