Using apple airpods made me use regular headphones more

Using apple airpods made me use regular headphones more

I received Apple AirPods as a gift. Since receiving them I have used regular headphones more.

AirPods are interesting but full of issues. The biggest one is that the 5 hour battery life is not enough. If you have a job then you work for 7-8 hours. By the time you take lunch you still have way more day than these can last. So i would wear them, they would die and then I would move back to my regular headphones.

Perhaps AirPods are best as a commuting headphone. If you don’t commute far then they could last you a week. However I don’t like having multiple things that do the same function. For me, I would either wear regular headphones or nothing. Having multiple things means that you have to get used to the quirks in each device and AirPods are full of quirks.

Another annoying thing they do is that when you take one out you are supposed to get the music or sound paused. That usually happens but not always. Sometimes what you get it the music paused, but then when you put it back in the sound is now only working in one ear. That is annoying.

I don’t like when they automatically change the sound input on your iPhone when you turn them on. I get how that could make it easy for some people, but it should be a choice. I want to determine when I change the audio when I am talking to someone. By the time you open the case to put them in your ear the other person doesn’t know and you miss what they say. There should be a transitory period where you take them out of the case and then once they are not moving because they are in your ear, they turn on.

Another thing I don’t like about AirPods is that go so far into your ear they irritate your ear. When I first wore them my eardrums would hurt. I stopped wearing them for awhile, and haven’t worn them since. I don’t like feeling I am risking my hearing by wearing them. I might try them again tonight, but the shape isn’t quite right. Close apple, but rather irritating.

So if you have insensitive ears, don’t mind not hearing your friends, don’t mind mono sound, and short battery life, AirPods may be just perfect for you!

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