According to study employees work less than 3 hours per day

According to study employees work less than 3 hours per day

You can read that study here. What is nice about this is that while everyone has known this, there is some evidence to have better decisions for management.

So if people work this amount of real time per day and companies have instituted shorter work weeks, perhaps the old manufacturing model is no longer valid? When factories could work 24/7 it made sense to run them 24/7. However since we have seen the great cost to society both individually and collectively, perhaps a more useful approach is needed.

We have a surplus of cars, and many consumer goods because of the amazing ability to manufacture goods. We have gotten manufacturing down to a science. What we have lost is that by working people to the bone on the same theory they are machines, we have lost an important part of being human.

I don’t pretend to know the reasons why things happen as they do. What I have seen however is that as countries relax, their standard of happiness goes up. The countries that have the most generous time off policies like Sweden are ranked at the top in the world happiness index. There is not just one reason that countries like Sweden are happy, but rather they are focused on the well-being of the individual. Not just who can be the best materialistic person.

I have worked in companies that want to have a 6 day work week. This is a terrible idea for so many reasons. I have worked in companies that asked me to give up a Saturday so that I could get a free day during the week. I didn’t like this either. There is something to be said for having 2 days off in a row so that you can travel somewhere or do something overnight.

It is clear that the future is going to be more flexible in scheduling. I can’t wait until companies realize that a healthy and happy worker is the most productive one.

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