If you can be funny please do so

If you can be funny please do so

The world needs humor so much, if you can be funny please do so.

In work I often find people who enjoy my sense of humor. To me, sharing my thoughts is usually funny. When you let people see that we often think or feel the same, it brings people together. It shows them that their crazy ideas are often your own crazy ideas as well.

When tragedy occurs in the world and the need for healing is so clear, the gift of laughter is so precious. Just being present and there often helps people without the need to make someone laugh. You often find something to laugh about when you are honest about how silly life is.

For example, most people are so serious in their jobs and they are unhappy because they want to achieve so badly. When they do achieve then they are unhappy. Why?Achievement without sharing is meaningless.

It is because humans are social animals that we need to share what we accomplish. People can do incredible things when they are convinced that their contribution will help others. What does this have to do with laughter? Everything.

Laughing helps others see that the struggles in life are worthwhile and that they make us better people. Diamonds need other diamonds to be polished and cut, but if you ask a diamond if it likes the process I bet it would say it doesn’t. It isn’t comfortable to change and sometimes growing is hard, but the results are always worth it.

Laughter fills up peoples batteries and gives them the energy and confidence to face the world. It shows them that life is more than suffering and there is happiness and joy. Most importantly it is a triumph of the human spirit over the narrow beliefs and ideas that we and others have.

Life can be good. Laugh until you find the joy in life.

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