Disagreeing with an job interviewer can get you a job

Disagreeing with an job interviewer can get you a job

I have often read advice that to impress a job interviewer you should agree or somehow not challenge what they are saying. I once disagreed with a job interviewer and got the job offered to me.

I was interviewing with a prestigious company and the interviewer asked me what built in Apple utilities would I use to secure a mac. I said none of them. He was curious why. I said that third party stuff is more through and gives you better management and more actionable insight. That doing things like enabling the firewall are much less effective than having a defense in depth and proper endpoint protection software.

He seemed really surprised that I said that. To me, companies who try to save a few bucks by relying on the built in utilities rarely get the value they are thinking. It doesn’t hurt if those are active, but we have seen in the past few years every built in security utility having problems on the mac. The firewall could easily be compromised by the root password issues the mac has repeatedly had. Gatekeeper has let through malicious programs, and with compromised root CA’s it is ineffective. Anti-virus software has been compromised so endpoint protection has to be critical. Finally Apple is not a security company, so why should we think we can get security from it?

Don’t get me wrong. I use a mac because it is more secure than a windows computer. However that isn’t saying much. Windows has more holes than an old cardigan. I have investigated and the least compromised OS is a special version of Linux, but I don’t want to use Linux. Apple will really have to mess up before I take that drastic step.

Linux is fine, but I enjoy looking at something pretty now and again. To me whenever I have to use Windows/Linux it is just so ugly. Fonts look terrible, the poor user interface seems to get worse over time. I try Linux now and again but I come back to Apple. Why? Mostly because Apple is great at UI even when they mess up often.

If you are respectful and help someone understand why you disagree with something, they will respect you. Ultimately that company wasn’t a good fit for me but I am still flattered they considered me.

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