Why respecting the police sounds racist

Why respecting the police sounds racist

I just read a post on LinkedIn where people complained about seeing a video where NY police officers were getting wet from people hitting them with water. Overwhelmingly people saw this as disrespectful. I saw something different.

Remember Eric Garner the Staten Island man who was killed by the police? That officer just recently was not charged with any crime regarding that. If I were black I think I would feel frustrated that you can apparently kill a black man without consequences. Repeatedly we have seen in the news where black people are killed who are innocent, and nothing happens to police officers.

So on one hand we have people saying we have to respect police officers who are overwhelmingly white and/or military. On the other, we have people who routinely get harassed by police for crimes that white people never get stopped for. Did you know that 90% of people who are found with gravity knives are black/hispanic? I have never been stopped and asked if I had a gravity knife. I may, but I have never been asked about it.

Clearly we live in a city that treats white and non-white people differently. If white officers suffer getting a little wet, how can that compare to being harassed and or potentially killed if you are non-white. It can’t. Let me be clear. I am not advocating disrespect of anyone black or white. What I am saying is that before you complain about white officers getting wet, shouldn’t you remember about all the non white people getting bloody and killed?

People we need to be kind and compassionate about race. The ugliness that is happening currently does not reflect who we are as a nation or as a city. NYC strength is all races, and the days of the white people being in power are coming to a close. The census says that by 2050 whites will be a minority. Then there will be no chance for this kind of outrage.

It must suck to be a racist knowing that society is improving and nothing you can do will change that. Every death is unfortunate, but the future of the US and NYC is diversity not whiteness. Let’s find a way to be respectful and not target anyone because of the color of their skin.

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