Lyft has poor customer service

Lyft has poor customer service

I used to like Lyft. Not anymore.

I had the misfortune to get a driver who relied solely on the GPS navigation to take me to a popular NYC spot. I could see the spot a few blocks ahead but the driver took the tunnel instead. That resulted in a delay of 30 minutes to get back to where I should have been. It would have been an hour because the driver wanted to back the same route to take me to the location. I had to direct him turn by turn how to get to this popular spot.

When I called Lyft support about it, they offered me a $5 credit for my trouble. I had asked for my trip to be refunded. The reason why is that the driver was ignoring the traffic, and only relying on GPS and making the same mistake twice, shows he didn’t learn from his experience.

I waited, but Lyft did not respond to my demand to have my fare refunded. I have paid them a great deal of money in the past, and would have in the future but now their decision has cost them as a company. This is to say that if you expect to be treated with respect as a customer, it will not happen.

I am also going to send this to them as proof that my experience will warn others. In the news it was shared that Lyft had a downturn in rides. No wonder. When you treat your customers as if $5 is going to solve their problems it doesn’t help anything. No one who makes minimum wage is going to be ok with losing 30 minutes for a $5 credit. Whats more is that the driver made illegal turns and why should I pay for a dangerous ride?

I have not let this drop and I will not let this drop until Lyft shows that they care about the customer.

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