NY Subway stuck at 23rd St Friday

NY Subway stuck at 23rd St Friday

I got stuck on the NY Subway at 23rd St Friday. It was an interesting experience.

I was on the platform in an AC car when the loudspeaker said there was a problem with the signal ahead. For that reason they were being told to stay in the station. I waited for 30 minutes hoping it would be a quick fix, but when it wasn’t, then I left and took a cab on the street to my destination.

I read today that this problem happened for an hour and a half. I had a friend who said there were still subway disruptions after 10 that night. So clearly, this had a ripple effect that caused problems.

The MTA and the subway are not respected by its riders. Understandably for all the years of paying fares, there has been little progress. For example, in other cities the subway is cleaner, newer and more comfortable. So it is hard to understand why the MTA has such old equipment that causes these problems.

New Yorkers know that the MTA has long had problems. This isn’t new. The political way in which the funds are used don’t help anyone but politicians. What is surprising to me is that since Tourism is so important to NY, you would expect the subway and public transit to be a priority. It clearly is not.

I feel lucky that I was at a station. My patience would be tested to wait an hour and a half between stations. I would wait and then find alternative transportation for the future. Most of my fellow riders were upset. I could understand why. They may not have money to be able to afford a Lyft. They may not be able to walk to their destination. In the heat, they may not be physically fit to get off the train. It was a difficult time for many people.

As a society we cut too many corners in public spending. Hopefully they can fix the MTA so these situations don’t happen. Otherwise MTA will find itself with decreasing ridership.

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