Looking for a quality UPS? Eaton is the way to go

Looking for a quality UPS? Eaton is the way to go

One of my clients asked me to research UPS options for an upcoming project. I did lots of research and I will say that Eaton is the best UPS vendor.

Most of the companies I have worked for have used APC or Tripplight. A few tried Belkin but that was a disaster. Every company that has had APC has had many issues with them. They don’t tend to last and they have issues. I have used APC for my own electronics at home and I never had a problem, but my needs were simple. I only had a TV/PS4 connected with some internet routers so nothing complicated.

APC reputation in the last few years has gone downhill. Part of the problem is they were bought by Schneider Electric and the quality is less than it was in the past. I have spoken to their technical support many times and I have not found them to be helpful. They knew less than I did about whatever question I was asking. So if you need support, don’t look to APC for help.

Yet for most people a UPS is a purchase on faith. Most people don’t understand electricity and while I can’t say I fully understand it, I know enough to get myself in trouble. So they tend to buy whatever other people seem to buy. I am convinced this is why APC has been so popular in the past. To me, APC is more of the SOHO or small office home office environment. It never had the reliability it needed for every company that has bought it.

There are a few UPS companies that make better looking products. Cyberpower has a very nice interface, and for the SOHO market might be a good choice. I have read that their warranty for power surges that happen through their equipment is not as good as APC so if you have frequent power surges you might not want to buy Cyberpower. However Cyberpower is clearly not enough when it comes to business.

For my money, Eaton and Liebert are the clear winners. They both are competitive and have some great qualities. I love that Liebert has a 4 hour response time with each product. However I love that Eaton has a great reputation among its users. In fact some users say that they have had their Eaton products for decades, which never happens with APC or other companies.

I love reliability. It shows that a company is thoughtful and cares about the user experience. I love the value it provides. So for me, the next time I buy or suggest a UPS it will be an Eaton.

Remember that I said I researched this for a client? It turns out that the client had gotten quotes from APC that came out to be $110 for 50kw of power. For the same amount of power an Eaton system was $98,000. Even with lithium batteries and better hardware it is cheaper than APC. What a fantastic deal this is.

I just bought an APC for $60 for home. The next time I am getting an Eaton even though it costs twice the price. Why would I spend more? The cost of a battery is cheaper than buying a new system every 3 years which is the APC way. I like companies that don’t build junk. Give them a try and I think you will be impressed too.

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