Ever work at a company that is in the news?

Ever work at a company that is in the news?

Ever work at a company that is in the news for alleged wrongdoing? I have, and it is a very interesting experience.

Unfortunately many companies and institutions I have been involved with have been in the news. The other day another institution was in the news and I was disappointed. Of course I haven’t been associated with it for more than a decade, but it still made me sad to think that it might have happened.

When you work someplace and have insider knowledge you really see the news in a different light. You think to yourself “If they only knew.” When I worked in certain companies I was concerned about how they did business, but I have seen that there are few ethics in US companies. When companies are controlled by the bottom line, you either go with the flow or get fired.

I am never going to share details about any company that I worked with in the past. It isn’t worth it. It is clear that rich people control the world, and that if anyone denies it they are living in a fantasy world. Yes injustice is real and we see its effects everyday. Do you think that this country that benefited from racism can so easily let it go? Racism is too easy and powerful for rich people to let go. They want to be unequal because honestly they could not compete if people were equal to them.

We saw this in the college admissions scandal, and in every situation where an attorney wipes away the problems and crimes of rich people. We see this daily play out in our politics where rich powerful companies make decisions that hurt freedom and justice. We see this in our work situations where rich jerks destroy lives and companies just to make a quick buck.

Companies that make a buck illegally may never be called to justice. That doesn’t mean that we have to support them. Companies to support and companies to avoid.

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