Mondays are tough

Mondays are tough

Mondays always seem to be a tough day. I wonder why?

I worked at a place once where the power went down over the weekend. I came in on Sunday and spent the morning making sure everything would be ready on Monday. Then I came in on Monday early and there was a new problem that happened during the night.

So there were problems Monday morning. Things that took time to solve. I get them solved and they frustrate everyone.

I have shared that many times the problems companies face are self-inflicted. Often there are ways to make improvements and more reliable, but surprisingly people don’t want efficiency. People say they want efficiency, but what they want is to not have to learn or change. Anything that takes away from the process they are doing right now, most people resist doing.

I have seen sometimes the inefficient ways that people work. I ask if they would be open to learning a new way that would be easier for them. Most of them say no they don’t want to learn. Some do, and that is always fun showing them ways to be more efficient. I think a major reason for this is intellectual laziness.

I have run into situations where I am curious why someone doesn’t want to do something easier and I ask them. They say that what they are doing works, and they don’t see any reason to change. Thats fine, they can work as hard as they want to.

The other part that most people dread Monday is that the fun of the weekend is over. Even if companies had donuts and treats on Monday I don’t think anyone looks forward to Mondays. So people tend to break things and try to find reasons they can’t work on Monday. You can’t believe the number of broken computers, iPads and so on that get broken over the weekend. I shared before when people want new hardware they break what they have.

So Mondays will always be broken because people find ways to delay doing work. Interesting no?


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