Even superstars can take 5 years to be successful

Even superstars can take 5 years to be successful

One of the most amazing voices that I have heard, Helen Reddy explains in the short video below about her life.

It took her 5 years before she was recognized as the talent that she is. That was hard for me to believe. Why would people listen to her and not immediately recognize the talent that she had? When I was younger I loved her work. In fact one of my favorite songs is Candle On the Water from Pete’s Dragon that she did.

In this video below we learn that she has let go of the past. She is humble and happy and loves her life as it is. For much of her life she performed and brought joy to others and now she has a chance to bring joy and happiness to herself.

Often people say that money will make them happy. She earned over $30 million dollars in her career but it appears she has given it away and lives on a pension. Which is just amazing to me. So many people would love to be part of her life, but that is ok that she enjoys being alone. She has earned the right like everyone to live her life as she sees fit.

I wonder when I watch things like this how I might be if I had become rich and famous. Would I have given up the ease of having others serve me? We know for example that Ellen D. has people who serve her. That is not a criticism of her, but just the recognition of how rich and powerful she is. Yet she finds ways to give back and peoples lives are enriched because of it.

No matter if we have money or not, the most important thing we can do for others is listen. Life requires you to be patient, even if you are as incredibility talented as Helen is.

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